07.27.2019 - 07.28.2019 Participant in Opera Hack at the San Diego Opera (San Diego, California)

04.14.2019 New American Fare at Space 4 Art. (San Diego, California)

02.16.2019 on red on green and Roger Reynolds’ Dream Mirror with Pablo Gómez at Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola (Mexico City, Mexico)


30.11.2018 - 14.01.2019 Erasure and thoughts on Rorschach in Rising Tide at the San Diego Art Institute. Solo Exhibition (San Diego, California)

27.11.2018: descent #2 for piano and electronics (piano: Lukáš Janata). Grains of Sound Festival, San Francisco Conservatory (San Francisco, California)

05.08.2018 - 10.08.2018: Erasure at the Daegu Art Factory. International Computer Music Conference (Daegu, South Korea)

13.04.2018 - 14.04.2018 once in a while i don’t believe you ii overnight performance as part of SD Soundings. Conrad Prebys Music Center (La Jolla, California)

11.02.2018 Erasure installation premiere as part of the Qualcomm IDEAS Series. Atkinson Hall, Calit2, UCSD (San Diego, California)


16.11.2017 - 18.11.2017 thoughts on Rorschach GIF animations at Piksel17 (Bergen, Norway)

09.04.2017 under the horizon multimedia collaboration with Maya Vanderschuit. Birch Aquarium, Scripps Institute of Oceanography (La Jolla, California)

10.03.2017 the piece formerly known as Boring Formless Nonsense for baritone saxophone and electronics (sax: Kevin Baldwin). Louisiana State University, School of Music Recital Hall (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

11.02.2017 once in a while, i don’t believe you overnight performance as part of the SlowSD Festival of Slow Music. Conrad Prebys Music Center (La Jolla, California)