descent (2012 - ongoing)

The descent series explores the malleability of memory as compositional process: the distortions that occur when a memory is revisited repeatedly and the recollection that is informed by one’s current state and intermediate experiences. In subsequent iterations, the original unadulterated piano is transformed electronically and fragmented, distorting that original imprint. Moments and details become lost, distorted, reconstructed, but the impression lingers on. As the distance grows, one is eventually left to wonder how much of the experience is remembered and how much has been (re)constructed.

score preview

descent #1 (5’)

The “unadulterated” version as a stand-alone piano work.

descent #2 (5’)

The first in the series that uses electronics, unsettling the harmonic texture laid down by the piano. It is the fog that stands on the periphery of remembering, the haze obscuring the details, the Navidson’s house reshaping of itself in Danielewski’s House of Leaves. What was thought of as accurate is made questionable. The memory becomes a reflection of the sensations of the event, a filtered version, bounds down innumerable corridors and hallways.

descent #7 (21’36”)

The seventh in the series and the first to be produced, chronologically. Here there is no more acoustic piano, it has been lost down the path of recollection, bounding along corridors, reflected back, displaced in time and harmony. The movement is slower and more repetitious, wandering through various iterations of itself, the original memory all but forgotten and replaced with a newly constructed version that may be closer to the truth itself.